Andrew J. Salvati is and adjunct professor of Media Studies at the College of Liberal Arts at Drew University. Andrew earned his Ph.D. in Media Studies at the Rutgers-New Brunswick School of Communication and Information in May 2019. His research centers on the ways in which American history has been packaged in popular media, including television, film, podcasts, mash-ups, and computer games. His dissertation, “Small Screen Histories: Presenting the Past on American Television, 1949-2017,” examines the ways in which the producers of historical documentaries and docudramas construct “usable pasts” that speak as much to the concerns of the present as they do to history. His work has appeared in the journals Rethinking History and the Journal of Radio and Audio Media.

Andrew has two podcasts: Inside the Box: The TV History Podcast, and Drew Archives in 10 (click on menu above).

Outside academia, Andrew has worked in television broadcasting since 2007. He currently resides in New Jersey with his wife and daughter and their two cats, Murray and Freddie.

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